…absolutely NO hype is involved when I say that Pablo’s debut release is one of the best I’ve heard (yet) in 2019.”

Dick Metcalf

Pablo Lanouguere hasn't lost his world wide eclecticism as he puts forth the jazzy kind of debut that prides itself on knowing no boundaries.”

Chris Spector

Lanouguere is known for being a creative composer, and the work here proves that.”

Dodie Miller-Gould

On this album we have a great example of musical evolution. This album embodies the growing pains of Latin American music as our world seems to be shrinking.”

Bass Musician Magazine

Though Langouguere’s keen sense of groove and propensity for quick moodswings propels the energy throughout, Eclectico is a grand ensemble work”

Jonathan Widran

This is a group with something clever to say, and it sits well with the ears”

Jazz Weekly - George W. Harris

This album (Eclectico) is some sublime ear candy. ”

Mike Greeenblatt

With Eclectico Pablo brings countless ideas to his creative arsenal with rich songwriting and flowing, unpredictable melodies to an inimitable listen.”


The Quintet:

The Album:

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