The Quintet is in the Studio!!!!


Hi there!!  Thank you so much for visiting!.
I'm Pablo Lanouguere, an Argentine bass player/composer based in NYC.  
I hope you like my website! , and if you do, please share ;)

New Album!!

Eclectico, by PLQ.

Bassist-composer Pablo Lanouguere releases “Eclectico”, an intriguing set of original World Fusion that combines together the inspirations of modern jazz, tango, his Argentinian heritage and classical music. 
Pablo Lanouguere, who is equally skilled and inventive as a bassist and a composer, is releasing the recording debut of his quintet, Eclectico. Comprised of a dozen originals (11 by the bassist), the music crosses many stylistic boundaries while being rooted in creative jazz, modern tango, classical music and folk melodies from Lanouguere’s Argentinian heritage. 

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